Simple Watercolour Landscape

This is for Watercolour Wednesday at where we watched a video by artist MarenaArt, where she used a thin piece of a sponge. I ony had small sponges that I use in my kitchen, but I did manage to cut up one of them and cut out a thin piece to use for this card.

 I used Daniel Smith watercolours that were left over in my palette, which I liked a lot. 
The colours are Phthalo Blue Green Shade, Indanthrone Blue, Ultramarine Turquoise, and Hansa Yellow. 

My paper is Arches cold press watercolour paper, and I painted using Escoda Reserva Brushes.
Once my painting was complete and dry I splattered with the blue and green colours, adding more around the floral areas.

It is a soft watercolour which I like a lot. I hope you have enjoyed this watercolour as well, and thank you for visiting.

See you next time. 



xoxo, Kia