Beak to Beak

This is "Beak to Beak".

I truly love to do these whimsical kind of pages in my journal. This week at Watercolour Wednesday we are viewing a video by Amber K. Creative viewing Watercolour Splotch Birds.
To watercolour I used my set of Roman Szmal watercolours, which is full of fun colours, perfect for this kind of painting.

The video is easy to follow, which I bascially did, but I also added in a few things I wanted, i.e. the sun and the clouds.
I kept the addition of the clouds and sun whimsical to fit with the rest of the page. I added hair bits to the head of the birds, and also added in some doodling to their legs, which I added colour to.

To finish up I wrote in the sentiment using a black Micron pen.
Finishing up I added splatters to the tree and signed the page.

This is one of those pages that makes Art so fun. I hope you will try some watercolour Art as well.

Thank you for joining me today. See you next time.



xoxo, Kia