My Watercolour Paintings



This is the first acrylic painting that I have done, having taken a class on Thursday Dec 6, 2018. It was fun, and a nice change of pace, so I will probably go to another class sometime in the future. My love is still watercolour though. 😊


I have finally started my gallery wall starting with these paintings I did during 2017.

Another Flamingo, I do love them. This is smaller than the one below and I used peach tones to paint this one as I want to hang it in my living room.


Drawn dragonflies in flight with paint added by blowing through a straw.

A serene water scape done in neutral colours showcasing
sailboats at anchor in a quiet cove.

I finally finished this painting during our makeup class on the 31st of August. I am mostly pleased with the results. There was much to learn doing this painting, in particular the shading. But, this painting I will frame, so I must be happy with it.

This is one of the last paintings that I have actually finished. I have 2 others that I need to finish, we are having a make up class this Wednesday, so I will finish them then. This is Ink and Watercolour, and I am not sure if I like it, or I should say I am not too fussed on this technique. But, you can't just pick and chose what you want to learn!
This is my painting from this past Wednesday night class. I sort of like it, but again can see where I would do something different. I used salt for my background and I already know I am not fussed on that look from my cardmaking. I think I will do another one with yellow and white flowers and one with the peach tones and hang them in my bedroom. By the third time I should have this method down pat and then I will do some cards. Thanks for having a look and indulging me yet again.

I am sharing a recent watercolour I finished from my continuing classes. I am happy with this little fellow, and will frame him for my bedroom. We are doing another smallish floral image in today's class which I will hang along with this guy. I say I am happy with him, but I do see places for improvement, hence the classes continue. I think I might paint some cards using this image in the future. Thanks for indulging me!


I had my watercolour classes last night and we did this bunny, which I am very happy with. I love the look at this cutie and would like to do a couple of small cards for Easter. I hope you like him too!

A little change of pace today from my cards. I have been taking watercolour classes as most of you know, and I just finished this farmhouse today. It is actually still wet with the tape around it so I cropped it and framed it using Picasa to show on my blog. Just nicer than the green tape. I hope one day I get much better at this medium, as I very much enjoy it. I hope you enjoy having a look too!

I decided last night that today I really want to finish my Hawthorne that was started before Christmas. As I have said before, I am new to watercolouring, and it has been a struggle, but I am getting it, albeit "slowly". So, this is my day today.

A watercolour to share with you today ... I have been taking classes since September 2015 and I finally feel like I am getting it all. I am not happy with those branches on the right, but I can fix that. I have found that the paper is the end all and be all for this medium, as are the quality of the paints. My hope is that one day I will like my work enough to apply it to my cards. 

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  1. These paintings are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your have a wonderful talent...OK now to subscribe THANK YOU!!!

  2. Your paintings are fun and fresh and very pretty!


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