My Art Room

I finally got around to taking pictures of my art/craft space. I have little doubt that this room will not be this clean again for some time. That is the only excuse I have for not taking pictures sooner, my space always has a mess going on!

For these pictures I am going from behind where I sit, around the room to the table beside my desk. My space works well, except I keep running out of room! Hence time to slim it down, not buy more!

The above two pictures show the ink cabinets that my friend Joyce and I made to store our ink collections. Does it house everything, no, but I don't have enough room for anymore of these. They hold my distress oxide inks in the left one, and the right one holds my Pinkfresh Inks.

The little cabinet in between holds a ton of stuff that I use pretty much daily. And I store my cutting plates for my Empress machine below.

This is the next cabinet where I store stamps that I want close by along with my embossing folders. In the little cases I have bling, i.e. pearls, rhinestones and the like.

Beside that cabinet is my Copic storage, along with cardstock in the bottom envelopes.

I coloured these pictures using my Copics and framed them to hang over the "Copic" area. My heat gun and mats for my Scan'n Cut hang on either side of the stand.

I have miscellaneous things that I store in this area. At the end of my desk is a two tier cart that is on wheels and holds stamps. I can easily swing it around to use at my desk. The other two tier cart has storage items on the bottom and the bins on the top hold my foam applicators for distress inks, i.e. the foam pieces for these:

I have a bit of a thing when it comes to ink contamination!

Moving on to the white cabinet.

The ink brushes I use with my distress oxide inks. I store copy paper, cardstock and Hammermill paper in this cabinet, along with watercolour pens and markers. Also a lot of stuff that I use for techniques and my plates for my Spellbinders Plantinum machine.

Following the above cabinet is my little sunflower chest that I have had for years and years. 

This cabinet stores my 6x6 paper pads on the top shelf. The second shelf (next set of doors) holds my reinkers for distress inks and distress oxide inks. The third set of doors holds some old planners.

This cabinet stores stamp/die sets and stencils.

The tall cabinet on left holds washi tape, copic reinkers, ribbons and attachments for my computer vacuum. In the 3 drawers at the bottom of the white unit I have my watercolour paper cut up and ready.

There you have it. It is a small space but works well for me. My bird is directly across from me in the living room, so I can chat with him, or I should say, he chatters away all day!


  1. I’ve seen first hand your art room and your photos aren’t showing the beautiful of a small space full of supplies. You have your room so organized and I’m so amazed how everything is labeled and has a spot. I enjoy the small space it’s beautiful.

  2. I love all of your cute cabinets. They are great storage areas, and you have everything so organized. My stuff is organized for a few minutes at a time, until I start on a new project. Looks like you enjoy your space and can display some of your fabulous work.


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