Lavender Fields


This is my new Lavender Fields. It bothered me so much that I had to change it up to something I liked a bit better. I added more May Greens to the fields, and made the fields thicker and a little more slanted than they were. The old "version" is below.

It is that time for Watercolour Wednesday and today we watched a video by MarenaArt on minimalistic landscapes.

For my colours I used Winsor Newton colours in Violet Dioxide, Sepia and Cadmium Red Deep. I also used Schmincke watercolours in May Green along with Daniel Smith in Manganese Blue.
I also used Arches Cold Press watercolour paper and Escoda Brushes in 01, 04 and 06. The sky has a mix of the Manganese and the May Green to which gave me a colour I loved.

I should have made my fields more narrow going to the top - yep, you think you are doing that only to find you are not!
I really should have started over, but I am not one to do that. I call it learning by my mistakes!

Thanks for joining me today.

See you next time.


xoxo, Kia