Valentine Maroons


This is "Valentine Maroons".

I have done this watercolour for Watercolour Wednesday at I am hosting today's Watercolour challenge and have picked this watercolour tutorial for today's challenge.

I had a laugh at myself, I tried to draw the left cookie, and gave up at that, so traced the right cookie. I have taken watercolour classes, not drawing classes!
The video is very long, so following is the breakdown for you. The first painting is the Macaroon cookies which starts at 0:11. Next up is the Melting Hearts which starts at 20:58, and finally the last tutorial is the Doughnut which starts of 35:00.

I pretty much followed her tutorial using Daniel Smith colours in Opera, Alizarin Crimson, Buff, Neutral, and used Ultramarine Violet instead of the Phthalo Blue (Red Shade).
For the shadow colour I mixed the Opera Pink and Ultramarine Blue together.

I am somewhat happy - I am my worst critic. I think my pinks are still too dark, and I did not use enough pigment from the Alizarin Crimson. 

But, there you have it, my painting for today's challenge.

see you next time

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  1. This is beautiful, Kia. I hope you can frame it and display it proudly in your craft room.


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