Mountains and Lakes


This is "Mountains and Lakes".

I did this painting for Watercolour Wednesday at Linda is our hostess today and she has picked this video for us.
I should have made the Mountain reflection lighter, and added more pigment to the lake. That is the nice part about doing these challenges, you can always do it again.

To watercolour I am using Daniel Smith watercolours. The blues are Cerulean Blue and Cerulean Blue Chrome. The greens are Serpentine Genuine, Undersea Green and the trees are Green Apatite Genuine. 
The field is done using Goethite and the trees have the same colour but with more pigment. I also painted the sky using a mix of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White mixed with the Goethite.

To paint the trees I used my Escoda #2 paint brush which made the task easier for me.
This is a fun painting to do, so I actually look forward to doing it again.

Thank you for joining me today. Following are Affiliate links for the products I have used for this card at no extra costs to you.


xoxo, Kia