This is "hair".

I am laughing, what a name for a painting I am thinking. But the excercise for the Watercolour Challenge at today is to paint hair.

I readily admit I never paint people and one reason is the hair, and also skin tones. It is all much harder than it appears.
This painting is 6x6. I do have blues and purples in the background, but it appears pale in this photo. It is dark here today, so I had to put light on my painting, not something I like doing, for this very reason.

Alas, it is in the background and shows up nicely in real life. I followed the video which you can find here.

I do think however that I need to add more colour to the jacket, it should be darker than it appears.
This was my first go, and clearly I need some practice. It is a fun excercise so I can see some practice in  the future.

To paint I am using Daniel Smith watercolours along with Arches cold press watercolour paper. I did not use brushes as he shows in the video, I used brushes I had that were good sizes.

Thanks for having a look today.


xoxo, Kia