By the Seaside


This is a card made by my friend Joyce. Joyce and I like to get together once a week to make cards together, like so many of you. 

We decided each of us would colour up this stamp and see where it takes us. The stamps is from Carabelle Studios and is called En Bord Der Mer i.e. By the Seaside.

Joyce is a pastel kind of girl, and as you know I am a saturated kind of girl. I love how Joyce did her card, and the wonderful colours she used. I love how she incorporated a bit of pointillism into her piece as well.
I wish I could colour like this, but something happens to me when I have a Copic in my hand. I swear I go through some kind of metamorphis! I also love her two toned ship.

My card follows, and as per usual I have a saturation of colour.
The waves out in the sea are high and slamming against the lighthouse buildings. Two colours are on the lighthouse and attached buildings. I used almost the same colours as Joyce on the ships, which are the colours shown on the jacket. 

The water on this side of the lighthouse is much calmer and appears darker than the waves, hence I added more colour for the depth.
What I thought was funny is that both of us left the birds as they were without adding any colour. I left one of the boats on the right white, as I remember back to my marina days, many of the hulls were white, especially the small fishing boats.
We certainly enjoyed our day, and we made a few other cards during our day of crafting! It is always fun to craft with someone.

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  1. Speaking the afternoon making this card was so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing you time with me.


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