This is "Wisteria".

It is Tuesday afternoon as I write this post, getting it ready to publish later tonight and send out to my subsribers tomorrow, Wednesday.
Instead of a card for Watercolour Wednesday at Splitcoaststampers I opted to do another page of my watercolour journal. I did watch the video for this week, but opted to go in a different direction.

I first added a watercolour background using some blues, dark and light greens, purples and turquoise. Once the background was completed I added the leaves across the top using Daniel Smith Green Apatite Genuine and Daniel Smith Green Gold. 
As I opted for a loose abstract watercolour for this Wisteria painting, using variations of the colours most common to the Wisteria, being Winsor Newton Violet Dioxazine, Schmencke Rose Madder, Daniel Smith Ultramarine Violet and Schmencke Violet.

Using my 2/0 watercolour brush I painted in the branches using Daniel Smith Green Gold along with Daniel Smith Burnt Umber.

I then painted in the flowers using the different colours as I mentioned above. As I went along I added flowers that were falling, and flowers along the branches.

I also added splatters in the colours I was working with. I did want to add white, but I forgot until just now, and its a bit late. I will still do it, but it will not show in the pictures.
I enjoyed my afternoon lost in watercolour with my bird CC running all around my desk, picking up little bits of paper to chew on.

I thank you for joining me today. As I mentioned previously I ordered this journal from a supplier in England, and I admit, I love it.

Have a great day!


xoxo, Kia