Handpainted Eggs


Hello to all! This is "Handpainted Eggs".

Yes, it is Watercolour Wednesday, and being the first Wednesday of the month it is my turn to host the challenge. I have picked this video by Debby Hughes, one of my favourite watercolourists.
You can still see my pencil marks from drawing the eggs, but that does not bother me. What bothered me was I could not get these eggs the same, no matter how hard I tried. But that does not really bother me either!

Like Debby, I did research before painting my eggs. I looked for bird breeding in Canada along with breeds of birds popular in Canada.
My first egg represents the Canada Warbler.  In Canada its breeding range extends from eastern British Columbia, across southern Canada and the Great Lakes region to Nova Scotia.

The Canada Warbler is a beauty, with the male then female shown below.

My second egg represents the Northern Cardinal.

The Northern Cardinal was mostly seen in the United States, but with our warmer winters they are now very popular in Eastern Ontario, Southern Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
And my third egg represents my favourite bird of all, the Canada Jay. These birds are quite comical, which is a great reason to love them, plus they are pretty little birds. They are also known to not be afraid to land on your hand should you have a treat for them.

The male Canada Jay shown first below, followed by the female. 

Back to my card.  
I painted with Daniel Smith watercolours using 1) Buff Titanium, Jane's Gray, Goethite and Burnt Umber; 2) Curelean Blue,  Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Green, Burnt Umber; 3) Curelean Blue, Sepia, Burnt Umber.

The paper I used for watercolouring is Ranger Distress Watercolour paper.
I trimmed the white watercolour paper and matted with a pale blue, then attached it to my white card base and finished with Nuvo drops.

I then added the sentiment using one from Tim Holtz label stickers.

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have enjoyed this post today, and hope you will consider water colouring a few eggs yourself.

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xoxo, Kia