Blueberries - Watercolour Wednesday

Hello all!

It is Watercolour Wednesday at today. I am hosting this week's challenge and have picked Blueberries as the subject matter. The video I used for this challenge can be found here for anyone interested.I watched the video, then went to my desk, and as per usual promptly forgot it all as I started to clean my mess before painting! lol

I did remember the way she did her circles which I followed. I found it much easier than I normally would. That is making the 2 half circles opposite each other and joining together.
I drew in the leaves, erasing several times before getting them to look half normal. I like the waves you see in leaves, and I wanted that in my leaves.

To paint the blueberries I used Daniel Smith Ultramarine Blue and Schmincke Delft Blue for shadows. I did 3 layers of the Ultramarine Blue, letting each layer dry except the last layer, where I added in the Delft Blue.
For the leaves I painted the first layer with Sap Green, then added Undersea Green for shadows and the veins. 

I used Dr. Ph Martins No Bleed white watercolour to add highlights to the blossom star area of each of the blueberries, along with other areas of both the blueberries and the leaves.
To finish up I die cut my watercolour panel using a die by Paper Rose and attached the piece to my Neenah white card base using glue.

I considered splatters, but to be honest I really like it as it is, simplistic, so I just signed it.

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xoxo, Kia