Butterflies in Flight

This card and my card Butterfly Storm I did using Bister, which is a crystallized paint medium. I pick up the medium with a toothpick - a little goes a long way, and sprinkle on my card. I then spritz with water, heavily, or not so heavily, depending on the look I want to achieve and being mindful that some colours when mixed with the wrong colour can turn to mud - oh no! The resulting explosions of colour, as you can see, is fabulous and I think luscious. I use heavy weight watercolour paper when I do this as the paper needs to be substantial enough to hold the water. The paint medium leaves a texture feeling on the surface as well. I need to do more, these kind of cards I love doing. On both cards I added butterflies, sequins and crystal gems. I think this would work for any reason - even a "Just Because".


xoxo, Kia