My Birds

We have some new birds in the house. Welcome to Sunny (left) and Kiwi (right). Sunny is a beautiful Canary who is quite comical and Kiwi is a Lady Gouldian Finch. They are both males, not that they would mate as they have the inside knowledge that they cannot. Do not ask me how they know!

Kiwi was a rescue per say. He was found flying around one of the floors of my building near the elevators, and despite trying to find out where he came from, our efforts failed. So, here I was with a lonely little bird with a mangled foot and he is also mute. This poor little guy.

It is very hard these days to find birds for adoption. I had to go to Kijiji to get Sunny, which is not something I would normally ever do. But it was vital to get Kiwi a friend, they are very social birds, and a Canary is a good choice for a Gouldian.

Welcome home CC (Cinnie C) 

October 13, 2016

Born August 14th 2016 - Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel

Not exactly what I anticipated when I put her veggies in a bowl of water for her

My girl loves her some Spaghetti, as soon as she smells it cooking she is on my shoulder waiting patiently for her portion.

I have not a clue where she thought she was going here, going between the screen and glass door of the sliding doors. Honestly. That is also a new screen so what that is in the picture I have not a clue.

Can I have my slipper back please CC?

Veterinary Day to see Dr. House, the bird Doctor. Love Dr. House.
So does CC

What else is a human leg for if not to climb?

Helping mom craft - I am fetchin' her dies.

Mom and me playing - I am putting the nuts in my basket.

Can't let the cereal box go to waste, yum good!

The sun is around this side so not a great picture of CC playing with her own set of Life Changing Brushes via the Dollar Store.

Chill-axin' on my mommy's knee while she watches TV.
On the knee again only this time she just got up and is having her morning coffee.

Mom's making cards and I am looking out the window to see what is going on.
Momma sure was surprised when I started having these eggs. I did not pay any attention to them once I had them, but Momma sure did!

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xoxo, Kia