CC in Pictures

Welcome home CC (Cinnie C) 

October 13, 2016

Born August 14th 2016 - Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel

Not exactly what I anticipated when I put her veggies in a bowl of water for her

My girl loves her some Spaghetti, as soon as she smells it cooking she is on my shoulder waiting patiently for her portion.

I have not a clue where she thought she was going here, going between the screen and glass door of the sliding doors. Honestly. That is also a new screen so what that is in the picture I have not a clue.

Can I have my slipper back please CC?

Veterinary Day to see Dr. House, the bird Doctor. Love Dr. House.
So does CC

What else is a human leg for if not to climb?

Helping mom craft - I am fetchin' her dies.

Mom and me playing - I am putting the nuts in my basket.

Can't let the cereal box go to waste, yum good!

The sun is around this side so not a great picture of CC playing with her own set of Life Changing Brushes via the Dollar Store.

Chill-axin' on my mommy's knee while she watches TV.
On the knee again only this time she just got up and is having her morning coffee.

Mom's making cards and I am looking out the window to see what is going on.
Momma sure was surprised when I started having these eggs. I did not pay any attention to them once I had them, but Momma sure did!