Orange Watercolour


This is my watercolour for today. Linda is our hostess and she has asked us to watch this video. I found the video very helpful and tried my best to follow her.

I think my orange worked out okay, but that is one sorry excuse for a leaf! I dropped my paint brush full of green paint there, so it had to turn into a leaf.

I do like the texture I managed to get on my orange though. The thing is to keep watercolouring these kind of paintings to get used to doing the technique.

I must say I like the darker bottom a lot better than the lighter wash I previously had, it suits the scene much better.

 This shot is taken almost straight on and slightly away from the window, which adds to the deeper colour of the orange. Magical what light can do!

Thank you for visiting with me today.

See you next time.


xoxo, Kia