It is time for Watercolour Wednesday, and this week our video is all about Pears, and the artist represented today has painted 4 beautiful Pears.

Instead I went with one pear, figuring I would be lucky to get one done to my liking, but 4?? Today I am painting on Fabriano Hot Press watercolour paper.
For watercolour I again used my Roman Szmal watercolours for their bright consistency, which I love. I used rust, oranges, browns, greens, dark greens, and red splatters to paint, plus a ochre colour for my background.

The yellow appears to be brighter than it is in real life, and that is because I had to take pictures with my studio lights, which I really dislike doing. I lost track of time and the darn light leaves us so soon these days!
I do like how my painting turned out, I just don't like the lighting so I will take new photographs in the morning and replace these and send my bloggers the new pictures. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I do hope you enjoy the Pear.

See you next time.


xoxo, Kia