Pretty on Mushroom

This is "Pretty on Mushroom".

I finally took a Copic colouring class via Kit and Clowder with this "Pretty on Mushroom" digital image. Yes, it was time consuming, but the process is so interesting that the time did not bother me at all.

I am not one to take live classes, I tend to get lost in those, but this class came with a book that was so detailed, it was amazingly helpful through this process.
The number of copics that I used I cannot say, lost count. It is a lot, let me say that. I had just recently completed my collection, and it is a good thing I had every conceivable colour known to man, as it felt like I used all of them.

The details that Alyce went into to help the user to achieve success is noteworthy. And she is available for private consultation as well.
There is an artist at Splitcoaststampers who regularily colours like this and I have always admired her work. Hands down, gorgeous! I wonder however if I will be able to transfer this to my stamped images, after a few more classes. We will see.

Yes I made mistakes, and I can see them, but hopefully not all will be able to point them out. I will frame this, as it is unique and works with my wall showing unique things I have made.
I should mention this piece is 5x7 and I am using Hammermill 100lb. cardstock.

I will be doing another class as I very much enjoyed this one, and I will probably share that with you as well.

I hope you have enjoyed today's post, and will see you next time.


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  1. Great job with Alyce's class. Putting all the pens away is fun! Janine


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