Snowy Winter Landscape

Meet "Snowy Winter Landscape".

This I did for our weekly watercolour challenge at Our hostess this week is Brenda and she has picked this watercolour challenge for us this week.
Using Arches Cold Press watercolour paper for my painting I followed the sketch sort of on my Chromebook computer which I have in my craft room. 

I don't feel like I have enough colour down, but there are three layers painted, so not sure why it appears so light. Used Sap Green, Sap Green Deep, Jadite Genuine, Cobalt Blue, Jane's Gray, and some Winsor Newton white Gouache.
I dare say I do find these kind of trees a bit tedious, but I always give them a try. I think I did a better job with them today then I have in the past.

To paint the trees I used the Sap Green Deep and a #2 Escode paint brush.
I added a bit of Jane's Gray towards the bottom of the scene which in my mind represents dead greenery in the snow. 

To finish the scene I splattered with white Gouache, but it hardly shows in the pictures. Just was not my day for photographing!
Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoy this week's Watercolour Challenge card.



xoxo, Kia