This is "Starbright".

This background turned out amazing, and I did no make it! I had a friend over and she had never played with any of the powders before, so I got out what I had. I really do need some new ones!
Joyce picked Ken Oliver's Color Burst to use. Using Arches cold press card I told her to spray the back, then the front, this holds the paper in place so it will not buckle. Then add the powder colours she wants to use.

Well, I dare say, she was daring and this turned out beautifully! I was watching her and thinking, hmm, this could turn ugly, but look at this! She had a grin ear to ear, and I doubled that!
She was loving this piece, and said it reminds me of the sky, but what to do with it. That is where I added two cents. I cut two pieces of blue mirror card, one for inside as well, and attached it to the card.

I then glued the "Sky" in place using Nuvo adhesive.
From white glitter card I die cut the star. I also cut the star using Spellbinders Die-cutting foam sheets. These sheets do not expand when die cut, hence perfect for this application.

I glued the glitter star to the foam star, then attached it in place. To finish I added three tiny cup sequins in colours from the background.
This turned in to a beautiful card and made my student very happy. A win win! While these powders are not available any longer, Ken Oliver has come out with a new line, which I have linked below. 

There are a few manufacturers of powders, and I have linked some of those below. My choice for my new powders is Creative Expressions, Cosmic Shimmer Collection - Pixie Sparkles. I love sparkle in my backgrounds, and usually add it by way of a Perfect Pearl mixture, but that step is saved with the Pixie Sparkles.

I do hope you have enjoyed Joyce's background. She is smitten and is getting her own set. Thank you for visiting today.

Following are Affiliate links to only a few of the products available in the line of "clour powders".  


xoxo, Kia