Loose Watercolour Flowers

It is time once again for Watercolour Wednesday.

For this painting we watched a video by Andrew Geeson which you can find here if you like. Andrew did pink flowers, which are ever so pretty.

I was in the mood for blue flowers for some reason, so I went with that.

Using Arches Cold Press watercolour paper I roughly drew the flowers before I started, then erased the lines somewhat so they would not show on the final painting.

For my flowers I used Daniel Smith Cerulean Blue in a slightly watered down along with full strength. I used Daniel Smith Sap Green for the stems and leaves, and Daniel Smith Cobalt Violet for the flower centres.

I put down the background colour before I started my flowers using Cobalt Teal Blue. I knew the darker blue of the flowers would easily cover this colour.

To finish I splattered with Gouache and the Cobalt Violet.

Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to do this painting, hence I did not paint the buds. But I like it without them, so its all good.

Thanks for visiting today.



xoxo, Kia