It is Tuesday evening which means it is time to upload my sample for this week's Watercolour Wednesday challenge at

This week the challenge was to paint a sailboat. The challenge video can be viewed at How to Paint a Sailboat.

I went off on my own and decided I wanted to do a piece that I would frame, assuming I liked it. I think I like what I have done for this challenge, so I will frame it.
The piece is 7.5" x 10" tall.

As you can see I used different shades of Daniel Smith blues, being Manganese Blue for the sky, Cobalt Blue on the Mountains, and Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, and Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) for the water, along with Ultramarine Turquoise.

On the boat I used a couple of layers of Cobalt Blue to get the deeper shade, then a very pale shade of Cobalt Blue on the transom. I trimmed the wood piece to mimic teak, which is a mix of Burnt Sienna and Indian Red. For the engine cover, yes even sailboats have engines lol, I used Burnt Umber.
The poles are done using Jane's Grey, and the sails are done using a light wash of Cobalt Blue along with Amazonite Genuine. For the trees in the background I used several greens, being Jadeite Genuine, Cascade Green, Sap Green and a bit of Green Apatite Genuine.

I went across the shoreline with full strength Burnt Sienna. When I say that, I mean that I have a damp not wet brush and I pick the paint up directly, not adding any water, and apply it to the area.

I thank you for your visit today and I hope you enjoy my painting. 


xoxo, Kia