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It has been a lazy Sunday for me. I have been hunting down sheets, yes bed sheets and I dare say the prices of them has nearly knocked me off my feet! So, that took most of my morning so I did not get to my card until this afternoon. 

This is a Paint A Flower from Altenew that was asking for attention. I decided I would paint using my Nuvo Aqua Flow Pens for a change. I do love these pens, they make this kind of card easy to do. 

To start I am using Fabriano Hot Press for a change. I had this piece sitting on my desk already cut and with the raw edge, which I thought would suit this stamp perfectly. 

If the stamp had less detail I would have used Cold Press paper for some texture, but this stamp has loads of texture in the details.

I first started with the leaves giving all of them a base of Lemon Yellow. I then went in and did the flowers, using Flamingo Pink for the flower on the left. I made two puddles, one with a fair amount of water added and one with no water added and painted using these. 

Moving on to the Yellow flower I started with a base layer of the Lemon Yellow full strength, then added in Mango Mimosa watered down. 

I added Mango Mimosa to the flower centres of both flowers.

Moving on to the bulbs I used Pink Lemonade, starting with a light layer and building to the darker colour. It is this colour that I then added to the leaves in some areas, blending with Lemon Yellow.

The balance of the leaves were done with Fresh Green. adding a bit of the Lemon Yellow in some areas as I went along. 

Once I was finished with the flowers and leaves I moved on to my background wash. For this I used Aqua Splash watered down, going around the card with the watercolour. I wanted for it to completely dry, then added Lemon Yellow around the image itself, which brightens up everything and casts a glow around it all, which you can see close up in the picture below.

I finished up by stamping my sentiment using VersaFine Clair Ink and adding a scattering of sequins around the card.

I hope you have enjoyed this card today, and wish to thank you for stopping by.

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  1. This is BEAUTIFUL, Kia!!! I'd say, you had a WONDERFUL LAZY SUNDAY, with this LOVELY CARD the result!!! JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! (I'm with you on the sheets! We JUST got some, & I am NOT happy with them. They're hard to find, if you can't TOUCH THEM, I think!!! HOPE you do better than we did!) ;)<3


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