My Sweet Petunia Studio Bag

Don't be left out ... today is the last day to order the fabulous studio bags from My Sweet Petunia at the introductory price. These are my two bags, one in pink and the other in turquoise. The pink I am using for my card crafting, and the turquoise is already packed with room to spare with everything I need for my watercolour classes.
In this case there are the following items:
- watercolour palette is in the centre,
- in the clear storage cases I have pens, pencils, erasers, ruler, Sharpie set of 36, scissors,
- 7x10 block of watercolour paper, watercolour testing paper and my book that I write class info in,
- ceramic watercolour dish in the box, graphite, paper towels,
- paintbrushes, also in box

When I am leaving I stick in my wallet, my glasses in their case. my phone and my keys. If needed, I will also add in my watercolour palette that I use for my cards as sometimes I use those colours at class.

So hurry on over and get your Studio Bag today!


xoxo, Kia