My Distraction

This little one is the reason for my distraction! I do not know the sex yet, but to make things easier I have been saying "he". His name is "Cinnie C", aka "CC"  and he was born August 14, 2016. I picked him up on Thursday past, October 13th from an Aviary just outside of the city where I live. He is a Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel. He is settling in and today I opened the top of his cage for him to come up and play, but he instead took flight, which he is trying to perfect, and down he went hitting the floor. The cage is 5 feet from the floor and it is carpeting, but still. So we had to have a conversation! I have put dried pears in the cage which he nibbles on, carrot tops which he loves and today some shreds of carrot, which he has been nibbling at. He loves his millet, but so far he has not touched his seed food. So, I will make sure he gets other food to ensure he is getting his nutrients. He is vocal and loves to chatter, and runs around his cage when I play cockatiels singing from YouTube, so funny.  So forgive my "oops" on my card ... 

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  1. Oh, sweet Cinnie C! Welcome to my good friend's house...your mommy now! How adorable, and how funny that he/she loves the cockatiels on YouTube! You may have your own challenge with CC yet! Hehe! Hugs, sweet friend, and enjoy each other! xoxo


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