Decorating Christmas


This is "Decorating Christmas".

This card has been done for Watercolour Wednesday at Our hostess today is Brenda and she has picked this video for the team to choose from. As you can see, I have done the bulbs, but plan on doing the berry branches later this week.
To make it easier I printed the layout, sizing it for an A2 card, and traced the bulbs on to my watercolour paper using graphite.

To start the watercolour I first painted the Ornament Caps using the Neutral Tint watercolour.
I then moved on to the smaller bulb, painting the red dots and going around the bulb with a very pale Pyrrol Scarlett watercolour.

Moving on to the striped bulb, and starting at the top I used both the Pyrrol Scarlett and the Alizarin Crimson watercolour. Once finished with this part, I went along the bottom of the line and pulled some of the watercolour into the white part of the bulb.
Moving along from stripe to stripe I followed the same technique until the bulb was finished.

To ground the bulbs, I mixed the Scarlett Pyrrol with the Neutral Tint and painted the area below the bulbs, pulling the paint outwards. I then added splatters from a watered down mix of the Scarlett Pyrrol and Neutral Tint and also added splatters using Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolour white.
It is a very dull day here today, and even using my studio lights did not help in photographing this card. I ended up shooting without using any artifical light. It is a bit darker than I would like, but it works.

Thank you for visiting with me today. I hope you have enjoyed this watercolour card.  There is another card done by this instructor that I will try and get done towards the end of the week.

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  1. Your painting is so perfect, Kia, that I thought this was stamped on and I wanted to buy the stamp right away, but now I see you did it all by hand. I love it!


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